Desk And Cabinet Locks

Desk & Cabinet Locks

Mechanical Combination Lock For Cabinets
CCL Mechanical Combination Lock For Cabinets

Michael’s Keys stocks Desk & Cabinet Locks from the following manufacturers:

  • CompX Security Products
  • National Cabinet Lock (Made in the USA)
  • CCL Security Products
  • Olympus Locks

We can source from any manufacture so we always have you covered. The manufacturers listed above are our preferred ones only because we have been in business over 20 years and they have proven to be the most reliable we have used.

We want our customers to have the best possible experience.

Drawer locks are easy and quick to replace.

Our locksmith professionals are well versed on all types of latch bolt drawer locks, pin tumbler locks, and disc tumbler locks.

Some of these can be masterkeyed and some are not. Check with our staff today for help with choosing the proper lock.

Cabinet Locks come varying levels of security depending on the type and style chosen.

Cabinet lock types include:

  • Disk Tumbler
  • Pin Tumbler
  • Combination Locks
  • Electronic Cabinet Locks

We install and repair Desk, Drawer, and Cabinet Locks in airports, retail locations, schools, banks, government buildings, churches, and even casinos.

If you have NEMA enclosures that need locks that are certified for that use we have what you need – both for original instal or replacement.


CCL Cabinet Lock
        CCL Electronic Cabinet Lock




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