Low Energy Operators For Door Closers

Low Energy Operators For Door Closers

These low energy door closers fit into two categories:

  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Electro-Hydraulic


Electro-Mechanical Series (5600, 5800, and 5900)

The electro-mechanical units show great versatility and ease of adjustment:

– Non-handed units
– Push- or pull-side mounting
– Interfaces with electric hardware
– Integrates with access control system

Norton Electromechanical Door Closer
Norton Low Energy Closer

Electro-Hydraulic Series (5700 & 6000)

Electrohydraulic units are used in applications where doors are typically operated manually but can also be activated via wall switches, motion sensors, etc. for automatic operation.

The PowerMatic® Family of Operators combines intelligence, reliability and superior control in one package and is easily integrated into access control systems.

The 6000 series are ideal for hospitals, office buildings, sports arenas or government facilities.


Norton Electro-Hydraulic Door Closer
Norton 6000 series Electro Hydraulic Closer

Please call our Door Closer Expert to see which type closer and low energy operator is best for your business or organization.

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