Mechanical Door Closers

Mechanical Door Closers

Commercial door closers are of three basic types.

Mechanical door closers are the most common, then there are electro-mechanidal, and then low-energy operators.

Michael’s Keys mainly uses the door closers made by Norton Door Controls, a subdivision of ASSA ABLOY. This company has a long history of quality products, as would be expected from a company that has been around since 1880.

Mechanical Door Closers

Norton Mechanical Closer
Norton Door Holder

Door Holders – These are used when budgetary costs are a major concern. Basically they just hold the door open.

Norton has three other types of mechanical closers:

  • The Surface Closer
  • The Cam Action Closer
  • The Overhead Concealed Closer

Here are a few pictures of mechanical types:

Norton Surface Closer
Surface Door Closer
Norton Cam Action Closer
Norton Cam Action Closer
Norton Overhead Concealed Closer
Norton Overhead Closer

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Electro-Mechanical Door Closers