Keys Made

Keys of All Types Made Onsite and In Our Rescue Vans

Keys Made Here at Michael's Keys Dallas TexasLost keys, damaged key fob devices and broken dead bolt locks require some special skills to replace.

This article answers the question “Where can I get keys made”?

An expert locksmith, like Michael’s Keys of Dallas is the solution to any problem with your keys and locks.

You will find that our mobile locksmiths offer services throughout the Dallas area any time that you have a problem with lost, broken or damaged keys.

Why Choose a Professional Locksmith?

An expert locksmith is one of the best options available when you have lost keys, need to have your car keys replaced or need key duplication services.

An expert locksmith can respond to your call anywhere in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, so if you have locked your keys in the car or can’t find the key to your home, you don’t have to worry about finding a solution on your own.

Our mobile locksmith vans are equipped with all of the tools needed to rekey, replace or repair broken keys, car ignitions and home or automobile locks.

Keys Made Here … & Types of Services Offered

We can provide a wide range of services that include expert key cutting and transponder key repair or replacement.

A transponder key is a newer type of key that sends a special numeric code to your car to help prevent theft. Also called a chip key, a transponder key won’t work if one of the resistors are damaged or missing.

Repairing or replacing this type of key is your only option to starting your car. You can have your chip key replaced or reprogrammed by a professional locksmith for a fraction of the cost of having a new key made at a dealership.

Most hardware stores don’t have the necessary equipment to make or repair transponder or chip keys, making an expert locksmith the fastest, most affordable option.

Mobile and onsite locksmiths can duplicate any type of key and we stock over five thousand key blanks in our store that are used to create an exact duplicate of your original.

You may be tempted to use a cut-rate service for key duplication but the reality is that a professional offers more precise key cutting and provides you with licensed and bonded employees to ensure your home and auto are as secure as possible.

An expert locksmith, like Michael’s Keys, can even replace remote entry key fobs for your convenience.

From basic car key replacement to adding home security features such as deadbolts and  peepholes, we offer you all the services you need to secure your home and automobile.

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Rekeying Locks

A mobile locksmith can assist you by replacing any type of key in the Dallas or Fort Worth area.

Whether you are locked out of your home or need replacement keys for your car, our expert locksmiths are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for emergencies.

If you think that your lost keys may have been stolen or you want to take extra precautions to protect your home or car, you can have your locks rekeyed.

Rekeying a lock ensures that your old keys will no longer work and is more affordable than replacing all the locks in your home and car.

From basic key replacement services to reprogramming a chip key, our locksmiths are experts that have years of experience in providing fast service that you can depend on.

Michael’s Keys is a member of ALOA –  The Security Professional’s Association.
We are also members of the TLA – Texas Locksmiths Association.