Rekey Locks And Other Preventive Measures

Rekey Locks To Be More Secure

ReKey Locks For SecurityCall Michael’s Keys for all your Lock and key needs.

We have been an Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient for seven years straight.

Locksmiths can offer more than simply providing you with duplicate keys to your home or opening a locked car door. Your Michael’s Keys, your Dallas locksmith, can assist you in securing your home by providing services such as high security door locks and peep holes as well as providing traditional services.

Whether you have locked yourself out of your home or need to replace a keypad entry mechanism at your place of business, a local locksmith offers the services that you need at an affordable price.

What Can A Locksmith Offer? A Lot More Than Just Rekeying Locks!

Michael’s Keys locksmiths are experts that you can trust to make duplicate or replacement keys, but they also have extensive knowledge of a wide range of locks, keys and other security features. And, that’s important.

For example, we can rekey locks when you buy a new home and can also reset, repair or replace high security door locks and door hardware. High security locks include those that use keypad entry mechanisms.

Key Services for the Home

You home is where you feel most secure.

A locksmith can provide several services to ensure you truly are safe.

Door hardware can be installed so that your door is strong enough to resist break-ins and additional locks can be added to improve your overall home security.

If you have been locked out on accident, a locksmith is the first person to call for assistance.

Mobile locksmiths can come to your home anytime to assist you in regaining entrance.

Our expert locksmiths, at Michael’s Keys in Dallas, provide additional services such as installing peepholes to add extra protection.

You can call our locksmith to help you replace, repair or open interior locks such as those on interior rooms, cabinets or outbuildings.

If you have keypad entry, you will definitely want to discuss changing your pin with our local Dallas locksmith. Changing your pin is particularly important if you suspect someone has access to the pin number without your permission, when you move into a new home or when you install a new keypad and the pin number is still set on the factory default.

A locksmith can also assist you if you have lost the keys to a padlock, master lock or combination lock.

Padlocks and combination locks can be rekeyed or the key can be replaced if you have been locked out.

We Rekey Car Locks And Provide Other Automobile Services

Mobile locksmiths can be very helpful when you need assistance with your automobile keys or ignition.

Our expert locksmiths can provide new key fobs for keyless entry, replace and repair chip keys and duplicate or replace lost keys in a short time.

Locking your keys in the car is one frustration that you will eventually face. An expert locksmith can open your car even if you have keyless entry or need a chip key repaired or replaced.

When to Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying locks can help secure your home or automobile.

You will want to rekey anytime that you lose a full set of keys or if your home, business or automobile has been broken into.

You should definitely have your locks rekeyed if you have moved into a new home.

Contractors are often given keys for renovations completed by the previous owner.

Neighbors, friends and family of the previous owner may also have keys to the existing locks.

Rekeying is typically very easy to do and is less costly than replacing door knobs, dead bolts and other hardware in the home.

Choosing a Locksmith To Rekey Your Locks

One of the concerns of home owners is that locksmiths have access to their keys when they remake the key or when they set the pin to your keypad security system.

It is important to choose a reliable locksmith with an excellent reputation within the community if security is a major concern.

A reliable locksmith will run background checks on employees and offer licensed and bonded service that you can trust.

Our mobile locksmith will also make the keys while you watch, ensuring you are the only one with access to your home or car.

If you visit the onsite location in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, you can have duplicate keys made in under an hour.


Michael’s Keys is a member of ALOA –  The Security Professional’s Association.
We are also members of the TLA – Texas Locksmiths Association.

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