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Safe & Vault Shop Dallas TexasMichael’s Keys is a full service Dallas, Texas Safe & Vault Shop.

Safe maintenance and repair is an important service whether you are running a business or have a home safe for your documents and valuables.

Your expert Dallas safe locksmith, Michael’s Keys, can provide services such as moving heavy safes, replacing worn out tumblers and assisting you in locating keys or restoring forgotten combination codes.

We can also upgrade your safe to include a keypad entry or bio-metric locking system for a more secure storage device in your home or business. Visit our safe & vault shop today.


Types of Safes

We carry safes in a wide range of styles.

Smaller safes are generally used in the home but can also be found in some businesses.

Large, heavyweight safes are most commonly found in businesses.

Some of the most common types of safes include:

  • Fireproof safes are often used to protect important documents or valuable items in the home or office. Each safe has a protective barrier that will help prevent documents and items from being destroyed if there is a fire.
  • Wall safes are used in both both homes and businesses and can include a fireproof barrier. These safes are typically small and are designed to be hidden from view. Safes can also be hidden in the floor (known as floor safes) and are similar in style to those hidden in walls.
  • Gun safes come in a wide selection of sizes and styles. You can find options that are small enough for a single pistol or large enough to store up to fifty rifles.
  • Large depository safes are often used in businesses. The top of the device opens to revel a drawer type slot that, when closed, drops the item into the safe. This option is ideal for making money deposits throughout the day in shops.
  • Under-counter safes are also commonly used in businesses. This type of safe fits securely under the counter and can include a depository feature that allows employees to drop items into the locked safe without opening it.

Michael’s Keys, your local Dallas locksmith, can move safes up to 3,500 pounds (1,000 lbs for second floor installation) and will service any type of safe or vault, including wall and high security safes.

At home, you may have burglar proof wall or gun safes. The locking mechanism can include keypad entry, combination lock or standard key entry. A professional locksmith can assist you in opening each of these types of safes if you have lost your key or forgotten the pin numbers needed for entrance.

Home safes are typically small and lightweight but those used in an office can require the use of special tools to move.

Safe Sales, Safe Servicing, & Safe Moving

Large business safes can be a challenge to move without the right skills and tools. Our experienced locksmiths can move large wall safes without damaging the surrounding walls or flooring. We have a “special team” that specializes in safe moving and safe installation.

High security safes are also usually used in business settings. If your high security safe has been compromised or you need to upgrade to a newer model, calling Michael’s Keys, your local Dallas locksmith, to remove and replace your safe is the best option available.

Your locksmith can service your safe if you need to open or crack the device after losing the entry code or key.

If you have lost your keys, you can have your safe drilled open and repaired to prevent the need to purchase a new safe for your home or office.

Keypads and traditional locks may become jammed or simply won’t open. It is normal for locking mechanisms to wear out over time. Our expert locksmiths can repair or replace your locks and digital keypads at an affordable cost.

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Michael’s Keys – a full service Dallas Safe & Vault Shop.

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